New Schedule and Routes Go Into Effect Fall 2023

Find Out More About Your New Transit System Coming Fall 2023

Check Back Again for New Updates on the New Suffolk County Transit Routes

A new system map has been developed for the new routes coming Fall 2023. An interactive version of the new system map is below.

Red lines are routes that run every 30 minutes. Dark blue lines are routes that run every 60 minutes, and light blue lines run beyond 60 minute intervals. Light blue areas show where on-demand transit services would operate. All lines will run every 60 minutes on Sundays.

Click Here for a Downloadable Version of the System Map

Reimagine Transit was a three-year long initiative that worked to redesign Suffolk County’s fixed-route bus network and on-demand mobility services. Over the course of the effort, the County engaged residents, transit riders, community organizations, the business community, and elected officials, among others to inform the direction of the initiative. The County has hosted virtual public events and launched multiple surveys to gather input and understand how best to balance different transit priorities. This public feedback helped to ultimately inform and shape the Final New Network that will be implemented across Suffolk County Transit's service in Fall 2023.

The New Network coming in Fall 2023 will introduce:

  • Operate with extended evening hours system-wide (10pm on weekdays & 8pm on weekends)
  • Operate year round, 7-day a week service system-wide
  • Operate at higher frequencies (30-minute weekday service) on a majority of routes in the system
  • Timed connections at seven (7) locations across the County to reduce wait times, strengthen connections to the LIRR and get people to their destinations faster
  • Fixes to long-standing on-time performance and reliability issues
  • A Permanent Southampton On-Demand Service Zone (based upon the Southampton On-Demand Pilot)
  • A new On-Demand Zone for East Hampton/Amagansett/Montauk
  • Increased half-hourly service on most routes

The New Network coming in Fall 2023 will benefit Suffolk County residents in the following ways:

  • Increases the number of jobs the average resident can reach within an hour of their front door by 51%
  • Puts more than 40% of residents and more than 50% of job sites within 1/2 mile of a high frequency route
  • Increases job access for Residents Without Cars by 53%
  • Increases job access for Low-Income Residents by 60%
  • Increases job access for Residents of Color by 68%
  • More than doubles the number of people and jobs that are near service that comes every 30 minutes or better all day.

When does the new system go into effect?

The existing routes and schedules are still in effect. Please prepare for the transition to the new Suffolk County Transit service in the Fall of 2023.

Will fares be increasing? How will tickets be bought in the new system?

There are no plans to increase fares. Riders will still have the option of using Suffolk FastFare as a mobile payment option or using cash to pay their fare.

What is a Timed Transfer?

A timed transfer is a bus stop where buses on a variety of routes are scheduled to arrive at the same time, thereby making transfers more convenient.

On the new Suffolk County Transit bus network, timed transfers provide better transfers & faster travel around the system.

  • Amityville LIRR
  • Bay Shore (Mechanicsville Road and Park Avenue)
  • Brentwood LIRR
  • Central Islip LIRR
  • Smith Haven Mall
  • Patchogue LIRR
  • Riverhead LIRR

These timed transfers mean that buses on a variety of routes will be scheduled to arrive at these bus stops at the same time, thereby making transfers more convenient. It is recommended that riders make any needed transfers at one of these timed transfer locations for expedited transfers.

Most routes are designed to provide timed transfers at these locations with short waits. However, a few transfers may require longer waits because of scheduling constraints. Please refer to route schedules and plan your travel accordingly.

What will be happening to service on the South Fork?

S92 service will experience a few minor changes, such as a change in name to simply Route 92, but will largely resemble its current service pattern terminating at East Hampton LIRR. The South Fork will still be served by the Southampton on-demand transit zone. In lieu of the 10B and 10C routes, the communities of Springs, East Hampton, Amagansett, Napeague, and Montauk will be served by a new on-demand transit zone. Service from east of East Hampton to Bridgehampton will be via transfer between the East Hampton on-demand transit zone and Route 92. There will no longer be local bus service along Montauk Highway between East Hampton and Bridgehampton.

Will anything happen to Suffolk County Accessible Transportation (SCAT) and paratransit services?

SCAT will continue to provide curb-to-curb service seven days a week between any two points in Suffolk County for eligible riders. In addition, SCAT service will now operate during expanded weekday and weekend hours in parallel with the increased operating hours of the new fixed route network, and will also be available 365 days year-round in parallel with added days of operation on holidays for the new fixed route network.

Where can I find more information about Suffolk County buses or report a problem with the existing bus service?

For any questions, suggestions, or complaints, please feel free to:

What are the service hours of the new network?

Weekday service hours for most routes will be from 6 AM to 10 PM, with some routes starting around 5 AM and others ending around 11 PM. Saturday service hours will be from 6 AM to 9 PM. Sunday service hours will be from 6 AM to 8 PM. Suffolk County Transit will run year-round, including holidays, 7 days a week.

What new features should I expect from this new network?

  • Extended weekday service hours (operating to 10 pm on weekdays)
  • Extended weekend service hours and full Sunday service (operating to 9 PM on Saturdays and 8 PM on Sundays)
  • Year-round, seven day a week service including holidays
  • Higher frequencies (New 30-minute headways on many weekday routes)
  • Streamlined routes (reduced loops and diversions for quicker rides)
  • Timed Transfers (Transfer quickly at key transit hubs, shaving minutes off your wait times)
  • A Permanent Southampton/Sag Harbor On-Demand Service Zone (based upon the Southampton/Sag Harbor On-Demand Pilot)
  • A new On-Demand Zone for East Hampton/Amagansett/Montauk

Will my bus route / access to transit be changed or eliminated as part of the new network?

Some bus routes are altered or replaced in order to improve the bus systems’ usefulness and accessibility for a wider range of residents across the county. Please refer to the Final New Network map to see changes in specific route segments. While individual bus stops and routes may be changed, the Suffolk County Transit system will, as a whole, see an increase in accessibility and reliability. Specifically, it is estimated that the average number of jobs accessible within 60 minutes via the bus system will increase by 51% for all residents. Additionally, all new routes will operate on the weekend and will operate during the work week until 10 pm. This system will enhance reliability and convenience for a large portion of Suffolk County residents.

Keep checking into our website, to learn how your existing commute may change with the new network. Alternatively, you can e-mail to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the new network.

What is On-Demand Service?

"On-demand" refers to a type of microtransit where riders in designated “on-demand” zones can book rides straight from their phone by identifying their desired origin and destination points within the zone. SCT On-Demand Service will be made permanent in Southampton and introduced in the communities of East Hampton, Springs, Amagansett and Montauk as part of the new network. Additionally, On-Demand Zone Service, in another significant improvement of service, will now operate year-round, seven-days a week.

Riders can use the Suffolk County On-Demand Service in these areas by using the Suffolk Transit On-Demand app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Click here to learn more.

I didn’t realize Suffolk County was redesigning our bus system. Where can I learn more about the redesign process?

The new network is a result of a multi-year planning process under the Reimagine Transit Initiative. To learn more about that process, please visit

We want to hear from you! You can find and connect with Suffolk County Transit through Twitter at @SCTBusInfo.

For questions or feedback on the new transit system coming Fall 2023, Suffolk County Transit can be reached by emailing us at